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An Invitation to Die[cut] For


A Design Case Study: ALS TDI Invitations
One of the reasons why I like working at Classic Graphx is our ability to work together. On any given day, we can collectively brainstorm to develop innovative design ideas and cost effective ways to meet the needs of our clients. One example of this was a recent project with ALS TDI*, a foundation who needed our help with the design and printing of an invitation for a major fundraising event. They had already seen an invitation at an online stationary company and wanted something comparable but, of course, not as expensive. A main feature of that design was a folder which held several components of the invitation package, displayed in a tiered effect. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to produce a cost-effective folder or other device which could attractively display the separate pieces of the invitation.

After a brainstorming session, we came up with a design solution that would make the invitation easy to assemble, require no gluing (a big plus environmentally), and have the visual display of the components that the client desired. Our answer? A DIECUT! We used “half moon” slits placed on a long rectangular piece of heavy cardstock which would be ultimately be scored and folded to contain all the components. The paper tabs would hold the RSVP, ALS TDI mission statement, sponsor description and return envelope. Another set of tabs held the actual invitation. Below is a more detailed description of the process as well as pictures of the final product.

For any complicated piece, it is essential to create a mockup to ensure that the components fit together, and fit together well. Below is the “blueprint” we created. The next step was printing and trimming out the individual pieces and creating a full mockup of the inserts and die-cut.

Once we were able to determine that all the measurements were correct, the die cut production and printing was relatively worry-free. Because of our offset capabilities, we were able to gang up the different pieces on a 11×17 sheet of paper and our pressman was able to exactly match the color of the type with the color of the outside foldover.

The client was delighted with the concept and end result. They reported receiving positive feedback from recipients of the invitation and excellent attendance at the event. Perhaps most importantly, our cost was less than half of what they would have paid if they had bought the invitations online.

Beautiful and classy design doesn’t need to be glossy and overdone. A formal invite should be simple and elegant, and a smart design concept and excellent production wins the day. The invitations were offset printed 2-color and the diecut was relatively inexpensive. Best of all, the diecut can be reused for future projects.

You’re invited:
Come on by! We have a sample of this and other design pieces up on our wall. We can mail you a sample. Even better, if you have an upcoming event, this design could be customized just for you! Of course, if there’s anything else you’d like designed and/or printed, we can do that too.

* ALS TDI stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Therapy Development Institute – the world’s largest ALS research center committed to developing treatments for people living with ALS.

NOTE: This invitation was a Winner of the 2010 PINE (Printing Industries of New England) AWARD OF EXCELLENCE

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